How To Market Your MLM Online: Step 1

Have you considered taking steps to grow your MLM online? Are you working to do that right now?

There is an obvious attraction to utilize online marketing to grow a multi-level marketing business, but the intricacies of doing it successfully are often overlooked.

With no shortage of “get rich quick” promises on the Internet, the process of finding a worthwhile solution can be daunting.

We have been fortunate enough to see great success from marketing our businesses online and this guide is our process for generating such growth.

In this step-by-step guide you will learn exactly how to grow your MLM online.

While processes, automation, and outsourcing are often seen as very in-human in nature; we will show you how to use them to build meaningful relationships that dramatically grow your business.

This is not a magical MLM software that will explode your business overnight so if you’re looking for that you might as well stop reading now.

There is no solution that will work for everyone which is why this guide is framework for you to create your own unique Internet marketing strategy.

With hard work, focus, and dedication you can use this guide, as well as the community support in our MLM forum, to create massive success in MLM for years to come.

Step 1: Plan Your Focus

It isn’t unusual to hear someone complain that marketing an MLM online is difficult, if not impossible, yet people are doing it successfully on a daily basis.

People often start the journey of online marketing by thinking of all the people they can get to buy their product or join their business as a distributor.

All too often these discussions use language that paints prospects as faceless people with full wallets and empty minds.

If you can “trick” someone into signing up as a distributor in your business then it is unlikely that they will be the type of person willing to work to build success.

Multi-level marketing is called ‘relationship marketing’ for a reason and this ideology must extend into the online world if you are to build lasting growth in your downlines‘ businesses and your own.

“The sun’s energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass, it can start a fire. Focus is powerful.” Alan Pariser – Tweet This

As you begin the process of marketing your MLM online you should focus on building relationships with soon-to-be leaders – not signing up as many people as possible.

When you make the conscious decision to focus on these relationships the decisions you make along the way become much clearer.

 Think of the personalities of few top leaders in your organization and imagine what it would be like to have sponsored them into the business.

Focus your online marketing on creating a message that would have attracted the person they used to be.

Write down a few points that describes each person just before they got involved in your company. Are their any similarities? How could you reach people that are in that position today? Take time to answer these questions.

POWER TIP: Niche Down. A niche market is defined as the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. The term ‘niche down’ refers to creating a more specific target audience and it’s usually suggested that you do this several times.

Let’s say you are trying to market your business to health oriented people. You would go from ‘health oriented people’ to ‘people who like yoga’ to ‘women who like yoga’ to ‘pregnant women who like yoga’ to ‘women who like yoga and are pregnant with their first child.’

While this process means that you are talking to a much smaller group of people, it allows you to create a laser targeted message with a high engagement rate.

With headlines like ‘Yoga Poses For A Healthy Pregnancy’ you can speak directly to the needs of your audience.

The more you refine your niche, the more effective you can make your messaging. 

We once ran a campaign with a target audience of a single person. Over a three week campaign we
spent $1.70 and had a 100% success rate in getting them to take the desired action.

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