Who are we looking for ?

Look for potential customers or consumers

Some of them might join your organization and buy at distributors price.

You want to recruit or sponsor new people into your network who would not only be consumers but also want to do the business as well.

You have to look for all kinds and there is no telling how each will look like.

Make the prospect feel at ease

Create an atmosphere where your customer finds it easy.

Place your order/registration form at a visible place talking to your prospect.

In this way , the prospect will be more prepared to sign up when you hand him the form.


Ask the referrals for referrals.

The whole concept of network marketing is based on referrals, from one person to the next.

Thank everyone who gives you a referral. Ask them for another.

When calling a referral , say , “ Thomas suggested that I call. I would love to help you find what you need”.

Leaving the Door Open

Leave the door open. It may be awkward when someone tells you that they don’t want to join your network or use your product.

You may feel rejected and get angry. But look for a way to leave the door open.

Try to make them feel good, and will see them again.

“Leave as friends” – Thank you! Call me anytime you want.

Farming for Pearls?

A Successful network marketer says that everyone he meets is like an oyster. He will always open up and see if there is pearl in it.

If there is none, he will always put it aside and go on to the next one.

Are you spending too much time with a prospect that has no pearl in him?

Beware! You may be talking to the wrong person.

Do-It-Yourself Advertising

Use everything to tell people about your business.

On the outside of your envelopes, the bottom of your letterhead, empty space in your business card or packing of any kind, you can print information of what you are promoting and selling.

Leaving a Trail

Everything you send out should leave a trail for people to get back to you.

There are literally thousands of promotional items you can use : brochures, training materials, and handouts… all must have your name and contact on it

People with no vision

While prospecting, you will come across some who have no vision of what they want in life.

Unless you can inspire them and show them what they can be capable of, it is unlikely they will be good “candidates”.

They will either not see or will refuse to see how network marketing can present an opportunity to change their life.

Keeping your calls short

When you phone to arrange for a meeting with your prospect don’t get distracted by other matters.

He could be busy so keep the conversation short.

It is also better to explain or talk about things face to face than on the phone.
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