How to prioritize

How to Prioritize Your List

Prioritize your name list. There are various ways to do that but one set of criteria you can use is:

a) People who want to improve their financial situation
b) People who have a wide network and influence
c) People-oriented individuals
d) Experienced network marketers

Prospecting your friend

Prospecting your family member

Prospect List Worksheet

Some of the categories to contact are as follows:

Relatives, neighbours, current friends, old friends, school friends, current colleagues, past colleagues, church groups, social groups, interest groups, people who service you such as doctors, dentists, hairdressers, etc.

 SW Rule

The cardinal rule in prospecting is the SW, SW, SW, SW rule.

The rule is when you go out there to share the opportunity, you come to terms with the realization  that “ Some Will do it, Some Won’t” So What? Because Someone else is Waiting.

This is a mindset and is your ultimate armour to overcome rejection

Cold Prospecting

Work on your warm list first before you do any cold calling.

Be always ready to talk to any strangers about your business.

Come out with your own way of telling others what you do that will make them excited.

After the Warm List

Inexpensive Publicity

Put up posters or flyers at places you go to such as supermarkets, community centres, restaurants, etc.
Carry little packs of literature with you and and talk about your business wherever you are.

Where to fish

Go to places where best prospects are e.g. people who want to make more money in seminars relating to wealth creation or readers of success magazines.

If you want to be a very successful fisherman, you would go to places where the fishes are, wouldn’t you?   


Consider all kinds of marketing techniques to get leads as long as you keep focused on the market you want.

One example is to advertise, although this could be an expensive exercise. If you have to use advertising, make sure it works.


The headline is key.

If you feel that people will call on the basis of the headline alone, then it is probably a good one.

Cold calling  - How to

If you are cold calling on the phone to get an appointment, do not try to talk about the product or explain the business on the phone

REMEMBER :   Focus on getting an appointment.

If the prospect is pressuring you tell him what the business is all about, explain to him that it will take a long time, or it is too difficult information to do so, on the phone.

Keep emphasizing that you only need 30mins or an hour of his time to share an opportunity.

KEY TO SUCCESS : Believing that what you have is fantastic and having the confidence that whoever you are calling would want it.

Announcing your new downline

One of the best ways to attract the attention of your prospects is to send out  information to announce your new downlines.

Your prospects may know someone in the list and may wonder why they themselves have not joined the program.

Give people reasons why others do it.

Buy copies of 52 reasons why people join Network Marketing Business to give away to your prospects.

Encouraging  visits

If you can convince a prospect to visit the head office or attend the annual convention, 90% of the time he will be convinced.

When prospective recruits see that this company has “ meat on its bone” they will be impressed.

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