Jim Rohn ► Delivers The Most Intense Motivation Speech Of All Time

Jim Rohn ► Delivers The Most Intense Motivation Speech Of All Time - EPIC Motivational Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn has said a few things about success that struck a chord in me. The longer I study success, the more I’m persuaded that his opinion about success was right on the spot. In contrast, the dictionary definition’s focus on accomplishments suggests the mere attainment of goals equals fulfillment. I’m not so sure that’s true at all.

Let’s look at some of the things Jim Rohn said:

1.“There are no stereotypes for success.”
We’re hungry for out of the box solutions. But a cookie cutter solution won’t work for you unless your circumstances, talents, and opportunities are a match. However, circumstances don’t tend to recur. This means you have to personalize any solutions you want to adopt. Through that process they become your solutions and that’s the reason they work for you.
Success is very much like wisdom. You can be wise, but handing your wisdom over to others is not so easy. Anyone you want to teach has to digest your teachings and filter them through their own experience to gain the wisdom themselves.

I analyzed the results of several Multi-level Marketing companies. In that industry, one dominant mantra is that everybody can become successful by following established programs and imitating people who have already succeeded. However the results of my research has revealed that success in MLM opportunities—by people who treat their business seriously—is achieved by no more than 4%.

What about all the people who casually join an MLM thinking about the “easy money” to be made? Those people tend to give up when they discover there isn’t any. Think about it. You’ll soon realize that the overall success ratio in MLM is significantly lower than 4%.

Look around at other opportunities and businesses. There is no universal formula for success. If there were, the majority of society would grow into adulthood knowing it and would achieve it.

The good news is that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. You cannot copy, but you can emulate. Emulate is a word that emphasizes the contribution you must make. Repeat what others have done before you, but do it in a unique way.

2. “Success is a steady progress towards your own personal goals.”

The first part of this definition is a reminder that success is a process, not the destination. It’s crucial to grasp that. I hope you already understand that no single achievement is truly success.

Arthur Ashe said it succinctly:
“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome.”

Success is a process.

3. “Success is just a few simple disciplines repeated over time.”

A beginner comedian asked about the secret of Seinfeld’s success. Seinfeld showed the young man a wall calendar on which he marked off each day after writing down a single joke. He earned millions of dollars, yet he attributed his success not to this show or that deal, but to his habit of coming up with just a single joke a day.

Success is not grand. Success is not massive. And that’s cool, I think.

The realization that success depends on such tiny bits of action, like writing a joke a day, helped immensely to anchor me in my quest for success.

I used to believe what most still do, that success equaled extremely large achievements. As a result, I never believed that I could do great things. It’s a common belief. You may believe that your spouse, kids, friends, and others are all capable of great things. But when you estimate your own capability for greatness, you’re likely to understate it, as so many do.
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