Smart Home “Assistant” Aims to Manage Everyday Life

With all the advents in the Smart Home, managing everything might reach a level where it becomes a chore in and of itself. That is where DRVE’s L.U.C.Y. Smart Home assistant looks to help out.

The Smart Home device is a 17-inch touch screen-based display with speakers, microphone and a high- definition camera designed to work with other Smart Home devices to help manage everyday actions in a home.

 The display can turn on the lights, turn on the air conditioning, make reservations, create a shopping list, read the news, leave messages, open blinds and more.

The L.U.C.Y. Smart Home assistant learns the faces of users inside the home and then tailors conditions to the preferences of whomever is in the room.

It can help with daily routines by providing reminders to important events, leave messages for others or look up a recipe to cook.

L.U.C.Y. responds to both voice commands and touch screen commands, and has the ability to write notes on the touch screen for others to view.

The Smart Home assistant also connects to other smart gadgets in the home through cloud-enabled services, including IFTTT (If This Then That).

When L.U.C.Y. is not in use, the touch screen displays either works of art that are pre-loaded into the Smart Home device or you can upload your own images for display.

DRVE has started a Kickstarter campaign for L.U.C.Y. in order for homeowners to get their hands on the first production batch of the devices that will be shipped.
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