Why People will join you if you are brand new to Network Marketing - Ray Higdon

If you’re brand new to network marketing, you actually have the upper hand.

Why would people join you if you’re brand new to network marketing? This would be a good question if you did everything.

If you were the shipping department, if you were human resources, if you were customer support, if you were the doctors who invented the ancient formula, if you were the comp plan expert, if you cut the checks, if you did all the training, and you did all those things, then this would actually be a pretty good question.

You’re missing the point of network marketing when you ask this kind of question.

If you are new to a $50 million per year network marketing company (which is a fairly small company) does it affect..

Does it affect the shipment of products or the delivery of service? No, because you’re not responsible for that.

Does it affect the compensation plan? No.

If you joined someone who’s brand new, do you come in at a lower level in the comp plan whereas if only you would have found a veteran then I would have come in at 20% higher? No, you come in at the exact same spot.

Is your compensation affected? No.

Now, are you able to access the training that has been established? Are you able to attend the events that this company runs?  YES. You are able to do all those things.

It’s actually a very small way to think, when you think it matters that you’re brand new in network marketing on whether someone has success or not. In fact, I would say, it’s dangerous.

It’s dangerous because it’ll prevent you from talking to more people. But it’s even more dangerous than that, is you thinking that you’re responsible for their success. You’re not.

A huge advantage if you’re newer to network marketing because you have to point to resources.

Use The Resources & The System

See, a system is something that’s not tied to a person, that’s what a system is. If the only way that you create success is if your upline teaches you how to create success, then that’s just not a system.

Example of a good system:

A good system is MacDonald’s. How do they run successfully? Just name the last time you saw MacDonald’s close down. I’m not aware of any, but I’m sure there are some. I’m sure someone will be like, “Yeah, there’s one right down my street. ” But, they probably just moved to a better location.
So I’m unaware of any MacDonald’s that ever closed down. And, they’re not ran by Harvard graduates of business that are so sophisticated at their scaling processes that they can run the MacDonald’s. They’re ran by an 18-year-old, sometimes a 23-year-old. How’s that possible? Because it has nothing to do with the 18-year-old or 23-year-old. It has to do with THE SYSTEM.

Point, Guide & Direct

You need to Embrace the concept that all you need to do is point, guide and direct to succeed in network marketing

You need to learn to point to events and tools rather you think that you need to know everything because it’s dangerous.

If you really want to slow the growth of your team, then just learn everything and have it all about you. The best thing that you can do for a long term, and for big money in network marketing is make yourself irrelevant. 

It’s about the system, it’s about events and it’s about tools. Utilize those things and you won’t have a problem.

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