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Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 12

You are as old as you ‘think’ you are

1)    Age is not a deterrent to success, success is for everyone when you desire health, happiness and prosperity and actively go after these states – regardless of age – you will attain them.
2)    Man ‘thinks’ himself into old age you can be old at 30 and ‘washed out’ , if you think that way .You can be successful at ninety and eager for new challenges if you ’think’ and desire new horizons to conquer.
3)    You are as old as you ‘think’ you are. Gerontologists point out that the ageing process carries right through your life span, not just during later years.
4)    The top echelon of government, education, religion and science is beyond middle-aged. Almost half of any country’s top executives are past middle age. The giants of History were not teenagers but middle-age. The giants of history were not teenagers but middle-aged and elderly when they hit the top. Don’t retire from life because of calendar age. Your best years are now, but better years can be ahead.
5)    The riches of life are to be found within , joy, peace, happiness stem from your thoughts and beliefs. Youthfulness, happiness, is a state of mind ‘Think ‘Young, ‘Think’ healthy, ‘Think’ prosperity.

The age does not matter – It is never too late

  • At 81, Benjamin Franklin brought about the compromise that resulted in the adoption of the United States constitution.
  • At 82, Leo Tolstoy wrote ‘I cannot be silent’
  • At 82, Winston Churchill wrote’ A history of the English speaking peoples’.
  • At 84, W.Somerset Maugham wrote’ Points of view’.
  • At 88, Konard Adenauer was Chancellor of West Germany.
  • At 88, Micheangelo did architectural plans for the church of Santa Maria Degli Angeli.
  • At 89, Albert Schweitzer, headed a hospital in Africa.
  • At 89,Arthur Rubenstein gave one of his greatest recitals in New York’s Carnegie Hall.
  • At 90, Pablo Picasso was producing drawing and engravings.
  • At 91, Eamon de Valera served as president of Ireland.
  • At 93, George Bernard Shaw wrote the play ‘Farfetched Fables’.
  • At 94, Bertrand Russell was active in international peace drives.
  • At 100, grandma Moses was painting.

1)Prevention against diseases      -           vaccine
2)Lottery                                        -           Raffle
3)Group of talented people                      -  cadre
4)to stop something before completion    -  abort
5)where goods are manufactured            -  Factory

Callous          -           compassionate, considerate
Chastise        -           compliment, embrace
Cosmopolitan           -           provincial, unsophisticated
Pleasant                    -           awful,cold,horrible,unpleasant
Responsive               -           apathetic, insensitive
Enter                          -           depart,leave,retire,exit.

To take control of an aircraft or running vehicle during a journey especially using violence – Hijack

Cigar  -  roll of tobacco leaves for smoking.
Cigarette – roll of tobacco enclosed in thin paper for smoking.

Café – a small restaurant serving cheap meals and drinks.
Restaurant – place where meals are prepared served and eaten.

Waist Coat – A short garment with buttons down the front, but without sleeves, usually worn under a jacket or coat and often forming part of a man’s suit.

Fog – a thick cloud of tiny drop of water close to or just above land or sea.
Mist – a cloud of tiny drops of water hanging just above the ground. Mist is not so thick as fog.

Cellar – an underground room for storing things.
Attic – a space or room immediately below the roof of a house.

Hallucination : The belief that one is seeing or hearing when no such person or thing is actually present.
Illusion : A false idea, belief or impression.

Hoof : the hard part of the foot of certain animals eg: horses.

Hare : an animal like a rabbit but with longer ears and back legs and able to run very fast.

Marmalade : a type of Jam made from citrus fruit esp. oranges and usually eaten at breakfast.

Viola: a musical instrument with strings played with a bow. a viola is similar to but larger than a violin

Pilers : A tool with long flat metal jaw in which eg. Wire can be held firm when the jaws are closed so that it can be bent or twisted. Eg. Cutting player.
Pincers : A tool made of two crossed pieces of metal and used for gripping and pulling things. Eg. For pulling nails of wood.

Man dies unwillingly

While taking the class the Professor asked a student,” when a man dies without having made a valid will. What is he called?”

“ A man dies unwillingly”       
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