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Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 14

Plan and be prepared : THE CLEVER KING

There was a country long time ago where the people would change a king every year. The person who would become the king had to agree to a contract that he would be sent to an island after his one year of being a king.
One king finished his term and it was time for him to go to the island and live there. The people dressed him up in expensive clothes and put him on an elephant and took him around the cities to say goodbye to all the people. This was the moment of sadness for all the kings who ruled for one year. After saying farewell, the people took the king with a boat to the remote island and left him there.
On their way back, they discovered a ship that had sunk just recently. They saw a young man who survived by holding on to a floating piece of wood. As they needed a new king, they picked up the young man and took him to their country. They requested him to be a king for a year. First he refused but later he agreed to be a king. People told him about all the rules and regulations and that how he will be sent to an island after one year.
After three days of being a king, he asked the ministers if they could show him the island where all the other kings were sent. They agreed and took him to the island. The island was covered with thick jungles and sounds of vicious animals were heard coming out of them. The king went little bit inside to check. Soon he discovered the dead bodies of all the past kings. He understood that as soon as they were left in the island, the animals came and killed them.
The king went back to the country and collected 100 strong workers. He took them to the island and instructed them to clean the jungle, remove all the deadly animals and cut down all the excess trees. He would visit the island every month to see how the work was progressing. In the first month, all the animals were removed and many trees were cut down. In the second month, the whole island was cleaned out. The king then told the workers to plant gardens in various parts of the island. He also took with himself useful animals like chickens, ducks, birds, goats, cows etc. In the third month, he ordered the workers to build big houses and docking stations for ships. Over the months, the island turned into a beautiful place.
The young king would wear simple clothes and spend very little from his earnings as a king. He sent all the earnings to the island for storage. When nine months passed like this, the king called the ministers and told them:
"I know that I have to go the island after one year, but I would like to go there right now." But the ministers didn't agree to this and said that he has to wait for another 3 months to complete the year.
3 months passed and now it was a full year. The people dressed up the young king and put him on an elephant to take him around the country to say goodbye to others. However, this king is unusually happy to leave the kingdom.
People asked him, "All the other kings would cry at this moment and why are you laughing?"
He replied, "Don't you know what the wise people say? They say that when you came to this world as a baby, you were crying and everyone was smiling. Live such a life that when you are dying, you will be smiling and everyone around you will be crying. I have lived that life. While all the other kings were lost into the luxuries of the kingdom, I always thought about the future and planned for it. I turned the deadly island into a beautiful abode for me where I can stay peacefully."

1.         anathema: a curse; a person or thing cursed, or intensely disliked.
2.         laconic: expressing much in few words.
3.         deleterious: hurtful; destructive; pernicious.
4.         platitude: a thought or remark which is banal, trite, or stale.
5.         quash: to annul; also, to crush; to subdue.
6.         meretricious: pertaining to prostitutes; tawdry.
7.         bumptious: obtusely and offensively self-assertive.
8.         laudable: praiseworthy; commendable.
9.         inamorata: a woman whom one is in love with.
10.       penchant: a strong liking.

A person who takes care of, or brings up another is called a                                Parent
The opposite of rich is                                                                                            Poor
Legal or official authority is called                                                                          Power
Something that is of great value or of high price is                                                Precious
A ___ is a humorous use of a word.                                                                      Pun
To be on time is to be                                                                                            Punctual
A word of politeness used when requesting something. e.g. ___ help me.          Please
A ___ is something that is produced, usually in a factory.                                    Product
Two things of the same kind to be used together are called a ___.                     Pair
When the earth shakes we call it a                                                                       Quake
The amount of a number of something is the                                                       Quantity
The female ruler of a country is a                                                                         Queen
One fourth of something is a                                                                                Quarter
A line of people waiting for something is called a                                                Queue
Something that takes a short time is                                                                    Quick
When there is little or no movement or sound, then all is                                    Quiet
What "Q word" is to ask questions as a test of knowledge?                                Quiz
To repeat or write words someone else has said or written is to                         Quote
To give up something like a job or school is to                                                    Quit
To have an angry argument is to                                                                         Quarrel

1 - If something is below the belt, it is unfair.                     True                             False
2 - If something's a curve ball, it is deceptive.                    True                            False
3 - If you hedge your bets, you risk everything.                  True                            False
4 - If you have a ringside seat, you are not close enough to witness things clearly. True               False
5 - If you throw in the towel, you accept a challenge.           True                           False
6 - If something is par for the course, it is better than you had expected. True       False
7 - A person who boxes clever is prepared to cheat a bit to get what they want. True                   False
8 - If there's a dead heat, it is clear who is the winner.         True              False
9 - A hat trick is two consecutive successes.                        True              False
10 - If you jump the gun, you start at the right time but faster than other people. True                    False

/au/ -- The dowdy crouching cow cried, ”ouch!” when he sat with his pouch on the couch. He yelled aloud at mount count and was in doubt about the trout in his foul proud mouth.

/OU/ -- Most glowing ghosts boast about their post till the host says, ”Toast!” Go to the shallow ghost and roast him slowly in the hole

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