Thursday, September 21, 2017

The future of YouTube: Is it slowly getting worse and becoming too “Advertiser Friendly?”

Leave your thoughts below! This is totally different from my other videos but I felt this was something worth discussing. So many channels are now getting demonetized, forced to only release “PG” content, and YouTube is pushing creators to conform with what advertisers want - a safe, PG-rated youtube video that everyone and their child can watch. But what happens when this pushes out the creators that we’ve been watching for years and what will happen to the future of YouTube if people start leaving to go elsewhere? Let’s talk about this.

In the beginning, YouTube Algorithms were pretty relaxed about their ad revenue. Pretty much any channel could make money. And over the years, we’ve seen some amazing content creators flourish because they were able to focus on youtube full time. they developed teams of businesses around their channel to create some hilarious and entertaining content.
Then, advertisers slowly came back and things appeared to go back to normal. Until now. YouTube has passed even stricter bots that demonetize anything that could be controversial or not advertiser-friendly. The problem is that YouTube’s new advertiser-friendly is so aggressive in what it thinks as unsuitable. Even though it’s a self learning program, we’re not sure at what point it’ll stop and how many people this will effect.

Then the adpolocalypse happened. For anyone who isn’t aware, youtube was placing ads on controversial content - when this was discovered, advertisers freaked and pulled their ads from youtube until they figured out a system that worked to prevent ads from playing on less-than-friendly videos. Ad revenue plummeted and my favorite channels stopped posting. It’s important to keep in mind that youtube is a business and they want to keep their advertisers happy. that’s their source of income for a website that costs them a TON of money to host.
The real issue here is censorship. It’s allowing someone to create amazing content and create a living from expressing themselves without fear of not earning money - and making sure they’re able to recognize which video is actually “not advertiser friendly,” and which is okay. Certain words are triggers, but also certain titles - even if they’re totally PG. Who knows what the future of YouTube is, it sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but a decline like this could force a TON of people to look elsewhere for their video-watching entertainment.

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