Sunday, September 17, 2017

The most inspiring video-The journey of life

...In life, many peoples wander through aimlessly not knowing where they want to go or what they have to do with their lives, for them everyday is boring and useless. Finally they end up becoming a burden for our mother earth and all they've achieved in life is a huge collection problems, misery,and pain.These peoples live their life equivalent to living dead.
Yet some people know deep in their heart, that they love something..they love to do, be and have certain unique things, but they are blinded by their limiting beliefs. Always they think like: Oh! how can I pursue it, I don't know...What if I fail, could I be wasting my time...No, better to give up all those goals, and I have to take care of my family and to 'SETTLE' for a small 'COMFORTABLE' life! finally these people are naturally forced to adjust with their circumstances and fighting with their day to day problems...At last they end up with a huge collection of unused potential, gifts and talents!. And during their last days they REGRET by thinking like this: 'Oh, What if I followed my dreams, what if I accomplished all the things that I've ever wanted..What if I contributed in someways to the world...I would've lived an awesome life! Now there is no time left, my days are counted...I have wasted the biggest gift called LIFE by settling for mediocrity! If I get one more CHANCE to live...!!! But you know, there will NEVER be a second chance to live your dream life!
Do you feel that you're headed to become one of the above two categories of people, then this is the right time for you to make a STRONG DECISION in your life. To chase your DREAMS...Because dreams do come true. Once the opportunity has passed, then there is no point in looking back at life.
So don't waste your time, Set a big dream that worth fighting for...find what you love to do and DO IT!!! Make it happen guys!!!
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