Charles Hoskinson - Bitcoin , Ethereum and Future Trends

The Hoskinson Doctrine
We've had the privilege to witness, interact with, and, in some cases, influence many of the recent crowdsales in the Bitcoin space over the past year. From this experience, it’s become apparent that while there is tremendous innovation, many ventures and their funders have succumbed to irrational exuberance, shallow due diligence, copious moral hazards, lack of regulatory compliance, and pitiful expectation management. WIn effect, we are experiencing the result of bitcoin opening a financial Pandora’s box in which fortunes can flow freely to the bold, brilliant, and villainous alike.
Thus this whitepaper is our, (no doubt insufficient, attempt to propose a solution based upon our experiences by first building a framework to describe these unique transactions, then exploring the nature of regulation and finally providing a set of six proposals collectively named the Hoskinson Doctrine.
Authors: Charles Hoskinson His current projects focus on education of cryptocurrency topics, evangelism of decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream.
Recorded at the Nexus Conference in Aspen Colorado. Thursday, September 21, 2017
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