Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Getting rid of Inferiority Complex and Building Self-Confidence

The day started out just like any other. My first class that day was in economics, with professor Ben. I walked quietly into the classroom as usual and found a corner seat in the back row. I always chose that corner seat to avoid attention of the professors. Well, I was extremely shy .It made me very nervous and unhappy if the professor asked me any questions. 
I read my lessons regularly but I never feel confident. With a low self image and a equally low self esteem, I had little self confidence. ‘I can’t ‘ was my characteristic way of reacting to any challenge. I went crawling through my life like a worm until the day that changed my life, so thoroughly and forever. To my deep distress, the professor asked me to explain a point in the day’s lesson. I had studied the lesson diligently and knew the answer. But I was so terrified of speaking in public. With shaking knees, I stood up, shifting nervously from one foot to another, beads of perspiration running down my face. Finally I mumbled incoherently and slumped down. I had not only handled the subject matter awkwardly but had made the entire class laugh. 
As the class came to a close, the professor asked me to meet him. ”I wish to talk with you,” he said. Shaking in my shoes ,I waited until all the students had left, then slipped into the professor’s room., “you wanted to see me, sir?” “yes” said the professor. ”sit down.” He sat looking at me with real concern. The silence deepened. ”What is the matter with you?” he asked. Then he continued, ”you are doing well in the class. You’ll probably get a first class. But when I ask you a question, you appear terribly embarrassed, nervous and scared .What is the matter with you son?” “I don’t know professor, ”I mumbled miserably, ”I guess I’ve got an inferiority complex.” “Do you want to get over it and act like a man?” I nodded. ”I’d give anything to get over it. But I don’t know how.” The professor smiled reassuringly .”you can get over it ,son, by what I did to get over my inferiority feelings.” “you?” I exclaimed. “ you were the same way, I am?” “That’s why I noticed the same symptoms in you,” the professor said “But how did you overcome the problem?” I asked. 
His answer was quietly given. That has transformed me from a shy withdrawn little boy To a confident and successful person I am today. The release from negative thought has been so joyful and wonderful that I have to tell others similarly affected that they too can do much better than they are doing now. 
Can you guess whose story this is? It is Norman Vincent Peale’s, the famous author of “Power of Positive Thinking” and other Successful books! His books have transformed thousands into confident and successful persons.
Can you believe that Peale was once a shy withdrawn person? If he could overcome his negative feelings and become so successful, can you not also overcome your problems? Are you willing to learn to overcome your negative feelings too? Are you ready to get over it and act like a man? If so, today is the best day. Now is the best time. You can change now if you really want to. Are you ready?
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