Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Hack Success

No one succeeds alone.
We all rely on mentors, teachers, and communities.
And for me, all of my biggest breakthroughs have happened at live events.
I started The Capitalism Conference because I wanted to change the way that I think...
I wanted to create a three-day experience that completely warped my brain and made it impossible for me to stay where I am...
But... I never expected to put together the greatest series of lineups that have ever been assembled.
We just announced the shark Daymond John... PLUS the viral sensations of Poo-Pourri... PLUS Russell Brunson... PLUS... Kimbal Musk, billionaire Brian Lee, and the rest of the lineup...
In fact - I just had breakfast with billionaire speaker Jeff Hoffman. After spending three days in this room, with these people, it will be impossible for your life and business to stay where it is. Or, it will be the experience you always regret missing. Your move.
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