Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How To Use YouTube To Grow Your MLM - Lisa Torres

So you're here because you want to learn [How To Use YouTube To Grow Your MLM]. If you guys know my story you know that I started my business online using YouTube back in 2007. That was my first marketing playground. That was the social media platform back then and it's still my social media platform right now. I've been using YouTube literally for 10 years now. As soon as I learned how to master the art of using YouTube as a search engine to promote whatever it is I want (network marketing business, affiliate program, coaching services, it can be whatever it is that you want it to be), everything changed. YouTube is not only a social site where you can connect with other people, where you can actually go there and prospect other people, but it's also a search engine, it's the number two search engine right next to Google. In fact Google owns YouTube. So think of them as one unit. Because when people are going to YouTube to search for a specific keyword term, guess what videos are coming up? When they're going to Google or YouTube, videos are popping up on the search engine. And so yes, YouTube is a search engine. So, How To Use YouTube To Grow Your MLM? How do you go about using YouTube as a platform to sponsor more reps and sign up more customers in your business? Learn more about how to grow your network marketing business inside of our amazing community here: Connect with me on Facebook Visit my blog Social Media Training Online Marketing Strategies Tips for Network Marketing on YouTube YouTube Recruiting

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