TONY ROBBINS: How to Influence People

Extraordinary leaders inspire, but just how do they do it? What sets a good leader apart from a mediocre one? An extraordinary leader is a person able to influence other people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Oprah are just a few examples.

We’ll also see how to influence people and enhance your own leadership qualities, no matter what situation you are in
A leader always has an absolute core belief that what they’ve envisioned they can make real. There is true power in belief. Certainty is what shapes human beings; it’s one of our six human needs. Certainty is also a crucial component in how to influence people. What kills anybody’s capacity to lead is uncertainty.

Think about good leaders you’ve seen in action, maybe at work or in your community. Their passion is infectious, right?
This concept is perhaps the most important thing that Tony teaches: To influence other people, you must know what already influences them. That’s how to influence people and make real change. You’ve got to understand who your audience is and how to reach that particular audience. Your passion brings the energy; your effectiveness comes from knowing who your audience is and how to speak to them in a way that moves them. Everyone is moved in different ways, so getting this right is crucial.

Passionate communication is also the only way you’ll be able to bring the energy to inspire people to do something beyond the norm, to do something extraordinary.

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