Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to Start A Business With NO Money

It’d be easy for me to sit here and give you tactics. DO THIS to make passive income. USE THIS keyword to rank better. LOOK INTO this method for quick income. Those videos exist. I’m going to give you what you need. How to start a business if you’re dead broke, this is the most important video for you.
Coming up. “Clark, what do i do if i’m dead broke. Down to last month rent. Need money tomorrow?” DON’T start a business! Seriously. Go get a job. I wish someone would have told me I wasn’t a failure as an entrepreneur if I had a job. Sounds so silly now, but at the time I remember being embarrassed because of it. USE that money for your business. Make it grow faster. Logo, website, advertising, etc with money you get from a job. THAT’S better than opposite: broke struggling stressed out and miserable demanding money from your audience because you NEED something to pay bills. 80% of businesses fail not because of the idea or even execution, it takes time. Time can’t be rushed. Like going to a seedling and screaming GRRRROOOOOWWWW — overwater it. Do right things at wrong time = wrong thing. 1. Start something on the side Three benefits of starting on the side: A) less stress — more passion to what you do B) weeds out impulsivity (motivational speakers shouting GO ALL IN burn the ships to the ground!) are you dumb? What if you have kids? family? go all in? The bias of stories where it works out, what about countless ones where it doesn’t? Don’t hear about since not success. C) The obvious one - if this doesn’t work out all you’ve wasted and risked was a little time. Probably learned stuff while you were at it. Don’t think of entrepreneurship as “fail forever” — just failed this one time. 2. Take Online Courses I remember graduating college. shook the hand of the dean, got my diploma, looked at it, and stomach dropped. What was this for? I will never use this. Came out with $40k in loans. That same year I was trying to learn everything online for free. Thought everyone should give away stuff. THREE major shifts: 1. Best material is NOT free. You’re paying for cream of crop that WILL give you results. It’s worth it. 2. Why did I pay $40k for college that I’ll never use, but won’t pay 10k for self-education that I will use every day AND make money from? No brainer. 3. How am I going to charge money if I don’t pay others for courses? 3. When to go full time on part-time? Jim Ronn speech: When my PART time job paid me more than full-time job, time to switch. Quit when it becomes TOO expensive for you to work for someone else.Happened to me last year. Make that your goal. ZERO risks to start a business even if you’re broke. You’re going to have to attract people to you. Organic search is FREE use FREE tools how I did it 100%. Download your free cheat sheet and free course to figure out how to tap into this: see you tomorrow! stop settling start living clark ► Claim Your Free YouTube Passive Income Course: ► Join The Refusing to Settle Mastermind

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