Sunday, November 12, 2017

Interesting and Amazing Facts

...the map is the most important tool of geography? 

...the word MAP comes from the Latin word, "mappa", and means napkin, cloth, or sheet? 

...a map is the representation of a geographic area, usually a portion of the earth's surface, drawn or printed on a flat surface? 

...the earliest maps were made by the Babylonians about 2300 B.C.? 

...the first map to represent the known world was created by Anaximander, a Greek philosopher, in the 6th century B.C.? 1507 Martin Waldseemuller, a German cartographer, was the first to add the Americas to a map he created? 

...during the last two centuries, travelers, surveyors, explorers, and scientific observers have contributed valuable information about the world's geography? 

...the Chinese, Egyptians, and Phoenicians contributed to the world's geography by making long journeys and recording their observations of new lands? 

...a cartographer is a person who creates maps? 

...there are many types of maps: topographic, special purpose, relief, political, geologic? 

...a topographic map is a basic type of map that shows the natural and artificial features of an area. It also shows the borders of towns, states, or countries? 

...navigational and aviation maps are special purpose maps used by pilots and ship captains? 

...a relief map is a 3-dimensional model of the terrain of an area. It is usually made from clay or plaster of paris? 

...a political map shows towns without any land features? 

...a geologic map shows land use, rainfall, population, and other kinds of scientific data? 

...the symbols used on a map are the map's legend? 

...points on a map can be accurately defined by giving degrees, minutes, and seconds for both latitude and longitude? 

...the earth is divided into two hemispheres, the northern and southern? 

...the equator is the imaginary circle on the surface of the earth, which is equal distance between the north and south poles. It divides the earth into two hemispheres? 

...a map on a spherical surface is called a globe? 

...even today, not all of the earth's surface has been surveyed in detail? 

...satellites are helping to create new and more detailed maps of the earth's surface? 

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