Monday, November 6, 2017

Test Your Knowledge

1)He's from Brazil. He's ___. a. Brazilish b. Brazilian   c. Brazilese
2)I'm from Colombia. I can speak ___. a. Spanish b. Colombian c. Colombish
3)She's from Russia. She can speak ___. a. Russia b. Russy   c. Russian
4)We're from Italy. We're ___. a. Italien  b. Italian  c. Italiun
5)My friend is from Korea. He can speak ___.a. Korish  b. Korean  c. Koreanese
6)Pablo is from Mexico. He's ___. a. Spanish   b. Mexican    c. Mexian
7)Martha is from the United States. She's ___.
a. American   b. United Statian       c. United Statianese
8)My father is from China. He can speak ___.a. Chiny b. Chinish  c. Chinese
9)Gloria is from Puerto Rico. She's ___.
      a. Puerto Rich      b. Puerto Rican      c. Puerto Riquean
10)Pierre is from France. He can speak ___. a. Franchise  b. Francese   c. French
11) stewardess – Flight attendant
12)policeman – police officer or constable
13)mailman – Postman or postal worker
14)chairman – Chairperson or chair
15)spokesman – Spokesperson
16)anchorman – Anchor
17)poetess – poet
18)actress – actor
19)man, mankind – people, humanity, human beings, human kind, human species
20)manpower – Workforce, personnel, human resources, workers
21)wife or husband – Spouse
22)mothering – parenting,nurturing
23)foreman – supervisor, superintendent
24)salesmanship – selling ability
25)housewife – homemaker
26)What is the British English word for an apartment? A Flat
27)What do you do when you bend your head slightly forward and raise it quickly usually as a sign of greeting or agreement? Nod
28)What is another way to say Judgement Day? Doomsday
29)Which part of your body do you use when you reach out for something? Hand/arm
30)What do we call the joint of the arm between the wrist and the shoulder? The elbow
31)Which 6-letter word means careful management of one's money? Thrift
32)It is known that it is impolite in the USA to stare openly at people. What do you keep wide open when you stare at somebody? Your eyes
33)An heir is a person who inherits another's property or title upon the other's death. What is the word for a female heir? An heiress
34)What are the British English words for a subway? An underground, a tube or a metro
35)What vehicles are there in the subway? Trains
36)What do we call somebody who is eager to learn, to know, and to be informed? Curious
37)When somebody leaves by train or bus at 6:00, we say that 6:00 is his departure time. What do we call the time when the train or bus arrives? The arrival time
38)Which part of the body do sleeves cover? The arms
39)Add a letter to 'pat' and get the word that means 'a course of action'.- Path
40)Turn 'pat' around and get a sound.- tap

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