Friday, January 12, 2018

Test Your Knowledge

1)The skier went ___ the starting gate. a. through      b. though
2)The downhill event was ___ for the day because of heavy snow.
      a. given up      b. abandoned
3)The person in ___ place gets the bronze medal. a. three      b. third
4)The Winter Olympics are ___ every four years. a. held      b. hold
5)The world record for speed skating was ___ many time at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.      a. dropped      b. broken
6)The ___ gave the figure skaters a perfect score. a. judges      b. referees
7)Osaka, Japan wants to ___ the 2008 Summer Olympics. a. host      b. entertain
8)I'm taking a Japanese ___ at the moment.
      I'm going to have fish for my main ___.Course
9)He wrote her a ___ before he left.
      She found the top ___ difficult to sing. Note
10)It's hot so let's sit in the ___.
      That ___ of red doesn't suit her. Shade
11)She packed a ___ for the ocean voyage.
      We sat on a fallen tree ___ to rest. trunk
12)He gave her a beautiful diamond ___ for her birthday.
      ___ me later. I'll be home in an hour. ring
13)The ___ look bright tonight.
      Lots of movie ___ live in Hollywood. Stars
14)He sat on the river ___ to fish.
      I must go to the ___ to get some cash. Bank
15)The new ___ of the department is a woman.
      He's got a smart ___ on his shoulders. head
16)We always eat there so let's go somewhere else for a ___.
      Can you ___ this money into coins? Change
17)He ___ the ball with one hand.
      The house ___ fire when the cigarette fell from the ashtray. Caught
18) boring      X         interesting
19) light         X         heavy
20) little         X         big
21) loud         X         quiet
22) new         X         old
23) poor         X         rich
24) sad          X         Happy
25)short         X         tall
26)ugly          X         beautiful
27)white        X         Black
28)alive         X         dead
29)careless     X         careful
30)easy          X         difficult
31)expensive X         cheap
32)light          X         dark
33)near          X         far
34)present     X         absent
35)shallow     X         deep
36)warm        X         cool
37)wet           X         dry
38) cold         X         hot
39)early         X         late
40)hard          X         soft
41)old            X         young
42)slow         X         fast
43)thin           X         thick
44)weak        X         strong
45)well          X         sick
46)wise          X         foolish
47)high          X         low

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