Saturday, June 16, 2018

Man & Humanity - Marching to slaughter its own kind

A lion's cub, stealing out of its den caught sight of a large army of men marching by. The sight of so many men carrying rifles, and bayonets scared him so that he slunk back into the cave, trembling with fear. His mother was resting. The frightened cub sought the warm shelter of his mother's side. 

Feeling him quake all over, she was quiet concerned, What's wrong, my pet? You are a lion's cub; You will be the lord of the jungle. Nothing on earth, should scare you so!" "But mother dear, look out," quivered the cub.

Glancing out of the cave, the lioness saw the army marching past."Oh, that!" she said disdainfully "That's an army marching to slaughter its own kind! Man is the only savage being on earth who kills his own kind in the name of religion, country, state or even language.
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