Friday, July 27, 2018

What's Made The Most Millionaires In The World?

The answer is plain and simple. The population in the world will continue to grow — but the amount of property won’t. This quote by Mark Twain sums it up perfectly, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore."
There’s a reason why real estate has generated more *self-made millionaires* in the US than any other field. It’s because just one deal can net a few to several hundred grand. That money adds up. This is important: I’m not promising immediate success overnight. That’s NOT what this message is about. In fact, I recommend starting slow... gradually buying property over time. Even just one property a year will eventually grow into owning a block. It’s crazy to think that real estate isn’t taught well in schools. I grew up in a conventional school system — just like many people reading this. I was told that getting good grades, going to college, and focusing on a career is the best (and only) way to succeed. As we all know by now, that’s not how the game is played. People say don’t hate the player, hate the game. I say: learn the rules of the game, so you can make it work in your favor. Regular pay-by-the-hour jobs can’t compete with real estate. Owning property means generating income while sleeping. Many people don’t know this, but I had a real estate mentor back in North Carolina. In fact, he was able to retire in his 30s thanks to the investments he made. Before I met him, I was doing things the “old way”— working an hourly job, hoping for the best. But then, one day, it *clicked*. I thought, “Why not follow the footsteps of people who’ve discovered financial freedom and REVERSE ENGINEER what they do?” After realizing this, I reached out to him and did everything I could (including working for free) to get his help. Within a short amount of time, I had him teach me how to buy and sell real estate. Ever since then, I’ve been purchasing property around the world! I understand working for free isn’t possible for everyone. People have jobs to work and schools to attend. This is why about 2 years ago, I created a private test group that brings in multiple real estate mentors to teach online. To sample the training, visit this link: During the video, I’ll talk about how to upgrade to the full Real Estate Mentor test group. People who join will learn — in detail — how to: * Set up a real estate business (step by step) * Find property to invest in (including upcoming hot spots) * Close deals using other people’s money Again, for the next few days only, I’m offering a partial scholarship that covers a big chunk of the cost. Please, I urge anyone interested to take advantage of this discount — before it’s gone for good. Self-education is the future. Some people reading this will make excuses. They’ll complain about the lack of opportunities. But guess what? Right *now*, I’m offering a life-changing alternative to being stuck in a boring career. In my Real Estate Mentor test group, me and my entrepreneur friends are teaching practical advice — NOT theory. From now and until the deadline, I’m covering part of the cost. The partial scholarship grants the same lifetime access to the program as full-paying members. Don’t be the person who pays rent their entire life. There’s nothing wrong with being a renter, but why not earn rent too? Because once someone owns property, they’ll get paid for life. Stay Strong, Tai Lopez P.S. On the fence? It’s okay. Use this link to sample the training: P.P.S. The full and advanced training has a cost to join. But the good news is — for the next few days only — I’m offering partial scholarships that cover a portion of the price. Claim a partial scholarship here, before they expire: LISTEN TO DAILY PODCAST on ITUNES ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDEOS ▶︎ Tai's Recommended Book List: ★ INSTA → ★ SNAP → Twitter: Facebook:

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