Thursday, September 27, 2018

Lessons to take home from Negativities

Contrasting is Nature’s way of highlighting differences. Yellow, red or white flowers are set amongst green leaves, so that the flowers are highlighted. In the middle of colorful flower, pollen grains are set in a different contrasting color so that the pollen grains are highlighted to the honey bees. You are able to read these lines only because the black letters are printed on a white paper. Had these letter be printed in white ink, there will not be any contrast and consequently you will not be able to read them. 

Contrasts teach us pleasure is desirable only when it is set in the background of pain. We are able to appreciate light, only  because we know what darkness is. Contrasts are the way of Nature to educate us and push us up in the ladder of evolution. 

Nature, always presents its magnificent display of life soaked in duality and dressed as pairs of opposites. If there is night, there will always be a day in contrast to it. So are hot and cold, long and short, fat and thin, male and female, large and small, sweet and bitter, birth and death, old and young, beauty and ugliness, health and sickness, poverty and richness, war and peace, rise and fall,so on and so forth. The list is, in fact, endless. All human experiences too are cyclical, just as days and nights come and go with unfailing cyclical regularity. No physical or mental experience is permanent or eternal for us, due to the very cyclic nature of duality.

What does it tell us? It guarantees that there will always be positive and negative factors in life. It is an inherent design factor in the drama of life. There will always be positive and negative people, things or events in this world. They are there for the same purpose of contrast, for us to notice and learn the ethical values. This inescapable learning is one of the objectives of the very curriculum of our school called LIFE. They are the embroidery pieces stitched in to the fabric of life.

It is easy to criticize others, when we notice errors, omissions and mistakes in them. It is not easy to correct others, unless they are inspired from within to correct themselves. But there is one thing we can surely do. We can look inside of ourselves to verify whether the same errors, omissions and mistake that we find in others are present with in us. If we do that and remove that error, omission or mistake from our very being, that will be a giant leap in our own evolutionary progression. It is this evolution alone that Nature intends to occur in us in the great school of LIFE.

The same positive response can be extended to all aspects with in our sphere of influence. Our homes, our work, our words, our actions and our responses can certainly bear the hall mark of this learning. Every short coming we notice in others is a great opportunity for our self-improvement. There is no other better take home for us when we notice negativities in this world. Because there is only one person we can change in this world, and that is “we ourselves.”


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