Thursday, June 20, 2019

‘you only have a few seconds’ - to grab someone's attention online

We put a lot of pressure on the content we create and share. I get it. It takes time to write or shoot video. We’re careful about the words we select. We edit intentionally.

But because content creation requires so much time and energy, we tend to expect more from it than we should.

The truth is, no one cares that it took you two days to record and edit that video. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spent writing that post.

The only thing that matters is whether you can help them solve a problem.

Get the Nod

I know you’re already aware that you may only have a few seconds of someone’s attention online.

The most common response I see to this particular challenge is the online equivalent of “talk fast.”

We try to cram everything we can into a few sentences. We try to answer every objection. We explain our decades of experience. We showcase our credentials and demonstrate we are the right choice before they could possibly click away.

Just reading copy like that leaves me short of breath.

But the answer to ‘you only have a few seconds’ is not to regurgitate your entire list of services and credentials. The answer is to say enough to ‘get the nod,’ because the nod implies understanding and understanding can buy you more time.

Here’s a little game.

Imagine I’m about to open a curtain and put you face-to-face with your perfect customer.

You’ve never met them, and they’ve never heard of you. But you already know what they do and that you are a great fit to help them.

When the curtain opens, you’ll get 3 seconds to speak.

Each time you get the person to nod their head at what you’ve said, you earn 5 seconds more of their attention.

That's it. Your goal is simple. Get the nod and you earn the chance to continue.

Of course, you’d never be able to get everything out in three seconds. Even if you could, it wouldn’t make sense.

So, what would you say to get the first nod?

Rob Hatch

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