Monday, October 9, 2017

The RISE Of Cryptocurrencies Cannot Be Stopped! - Ready To Skyrocket! (with Stephen Kendal)

Josh Sigurdson talks with derivatives and blockchain expert Stephen Kendal once again about the vast, exciting rise of cryptocurrencies. Mainly Bitcoin and STEEM!
Stephen goes into the recent dips and gradual recovery of Bitcoin as the media creates fake narratives of Bitcoin and major banking giants make false claims about the cryptocurrency while personally investing in it themselves.
Stephen goes into where he sees Bitcoin going in the near future and the amazing nature of its fundamentals as it has scarcity, demand and application.
Following this topic, we go into IMF's managing director Christine Lagarde's recent statement that we are seeing an end of banking in the near future, and the rise of cryptocurrencies. Of course Lagarde and the IMF have been pushing a centrally planned cashless system teamed with their SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which is far from true, decentralized cryptocurrency, but we are seeing this plot unravel in places like China, India, Australia, Sweden and Canada among many other countries.
Stephen also breaks down what to expect from the future hardforks and why people shouldn't worry and stick with regular Bitcoin throughout these forks as Bitcoin still has a long way to go.
Stephen then goes into Steemit, the blogging platform which provides a massive blockchain alternative to Facebook where people make money (STEEM) on their posts via the demand of their posts. Not just that, but people make STEEM off their comments as well. Steemit has just reached 400,000 users!
Then we go into Russia's push to create Bitcoin ETFs and how disastrous and short lasting that would be. As Stephen says, it's like forcing a square beg into a circle.
With the rise of Steemit, DTube, a YouTube alternative has risen from the ashes as well.
With the recent news by blockchain innovator Ned, we may soon see personalized tokens on the STEEM blockchain coming from news sites and other companies that provide the demand necessary.
Stephen Kendal has been promoting Steemit more than almost anyone. He's been travelling throughout Britain waking people up to this incredible platform and why people should get in on the ground floor. He's doing trade shows including the London Investor Show!
The future is bright!
At the 7 year daily average rate of growth, Bitcoin is due to hit 250k by 2020 and could easily climb more. So despite attempts by bankers and government to stop Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they will not prevail but cryptos will.
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