Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Billionaire Sam Zell: Becoming A Entrepreneur

An interview with billionaire investor and entrepreneur, Sam Zell. In this interview, Sam discusses how he became the entrepreneur he is today, including what he views as his most important habits and his early experiences in business. Sam also talks about how he thinks entrepreneurship should be taught and learned.

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Introduction Who’s your mentor? How to better understand risk? How did you get the name ‘Grave Dancer’ ? How are groups flawed so contrarian investing can work? How old were you when you bought playboy magazines? Is it possible to learn how to be a entrepreneur? where is the education of entrepreneurship going?
The enemy is without Why don't companies have the same culture as you? What habits have defined your life? Why have you not stopped or slowed down?
The one thing you need to know to be successful is …. Have you ever seen a entrepreneur who has been elected to public office? What's the biggest flaw in capitalism? What book do we need to read? Advice for rejection Reaction to rejection?

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