Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF - Tony Robbins(One of the most Motivational Talks Ever)

Tony Robbins: NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF (One of the most Motivational Talks Ever)
Just as you need to exercise your body to make it as strong and resilient as it can be, you must exercise your mind to ensure it’s equipped to rebound from life’s endless obstacles. The most successful people are those that don’t allow challenges and setbacks to hold them back; instead, they use these moments as opportunities to propel themselves forward. Whenever they experience something difficult or painful, ultimately they’re able to bounce right back and continue on their journey even stronger than they were before because they’ve cultivated a level of resilience that allows them to do so. In other words, they’re emotionally fit. Emotional fitness is your best armor against all of life’s challenges. If you’re emotionally fit, there’s nothing that can throw you off course because you’ve cultivated the inner-strength to block difficulties from infiltrating your mission and affecting your purpose. And just like its physical counterpart, emotional fitness can be practiced and strengthened over time — it just takes a bit of awareness and dedication.
Whenever you feel your emotions bubbling up — maybe someone cuts you off in traffic, you receive a rejection of some kind or you simply feel exhausted and overwhelmed by life — take yourself through the following steps to strengthen your resilience in much the same way a workout strengthens your body.
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