Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Les Brown: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE, But Harder Than You Think

There are two major mistakes people make when evaluating the goals they want to set. The first is that they underestimate what they are capable of. Looking at the future people tend to project much of their present. It can be difficult to imagine being a millionaire when you are currently broke, but looking out at the world there are thousands of examples of people who have done this. The second error people make when evaluating goals is that they grossly overestimate the ease at which they will accomplish the goal. When I did the initial planning for my interactive goal-setting software I plotted out a lot of features and gave myself six months to accomplish it. I figured it would be hard, but doable. But even with scaling down the project and working much harder than I previously supposed I just managed to finish before my six-month deadline. Achieving goals is hard work.

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