Thursday, April 26, 2018

Develop A Winners Mindset - Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins & Les Brown

The difference between the mindset of a winner and that of a loser, is the difference that makes the difference.
The difference between having a happy, fulfilled and joyful life or one that seems like a continuous string of obstacles and difficulties we can never seem to overcome. And that difference is choice. The choice to give up or to carry on. The knowledge that it is not the problems and obstacle we face that define us, but rather our reaction and response to those hurdles. In fact most of us already know this but still we find it difficult or even impossible to break out of old habitual thought patterns that keep us locked in. Locked into non-productive and limiting negative mindsets and thought patterns. We know and understand that we need to think and act in a “positive” manner, but we nevertheless carry on regardless, not fully committing to making those changes in our lives that will liberate us – finally. And even when we do commit, we are often defeated by our own self-sabotage routines that slide in unconsciously and rob us of our motivation to persist and succeed in our chosen path.

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