Thursday, March 28, 2019

From an Underdeveloped India to New Modern India

Of course India is known for its spiritual monuments and ancient treasures. But India clearly has a a very modern side that needs way more attention!

Have a look at todays modern India and you will discover towering skyscrapers, huge airconditioned shopping malls, 5 star hotels, airports that are designed by the best architects in the world and smart cities being developed all over the country!

So this video gives a first impression of modern India and explains how the myth of an underdeveloped India is maintained by the international media.

India has been a modern country throughout history. For the past 20 centuries, the economy of India was the largest economy in the world for 75% of the time. That means 15 centuries of India being the largest Economy in the world! India was very developed and its people lived in wealth for many, many years.

When India was colonized, its economy and modernity were destroyed. But India regained its independence in 1947 and since then India has worked very hard to recover its economy, its culture and its population.

And now, well into the 21st century, India is closing in on a 3 trillion dollar economy, overtaking France and Britain!

We in the West should realize the potential of India and the golden opportunities that lay ahead if we reach out to India, and strengthen our ties on an economic, cultural and diplomatic level!

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