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How to Develop a Magnetic Mind

The most important step in dominating others mentally is developing your magnetic mind. It is paramount that you follow everything in this section closely.

In order to acquire the magnetic mind, you must eliminate, with prejudice:

Doubt and fear of your ability to please others
All antagonisms towards other people
Your eagerness to get the best of others
Feelings of superiority over anyone
Thoughts of yourself as the only person that matters
Desire to rule or oppress others
All urges to impress others

Of course, the rules above do not mean that you should act like some nobody that is merely being tolerated by others. Envy no one anything he has, but don’t agonize over the fact that you have no more yourself. If Bob or Amy is taller or better looking than you, rid your mind of those comparisons.

Hostile thoughts that you secretly hold against others will show on your face no matter how hard you attempt to hide them. Even if you manage to hide them from your face they will creep into your voice and your general demeanor. Bob or Amy will feel a strange, unexplainable vibe in the atmosphere around you and will be repelled by it.

Another important step in the development of the Magnetic Mind is freeing you from worry. If you are you will be affected by the unfriendly thoughts and actions of those who dislike you… and a major portion of what you perceive to by unfriendly will be a misperception on your part.

None of us has the time to spend the better part of our lives dealing with these psychological issues in the standard way, so we have to develop a way to block them immediately. Don’t wait until you are constantly worrying about a negative influence to put an end to it.

Block it out of your mind the minute you sense it disturbing you. Don’t dodge the issue by thinking about something else, because that can push the already existing "mind poison" deeper into your brain. When you feel the "gnawing" feeling oppressing you following a misunderstanding with someone, stop all introspective thoughts in your mind at once before the “mind poison” buries itself in your brain.

Con Artistry

You can still dislike a person and fool them about your feelings towards them. The con artist does this all the time. He does it by maintaining a conversation with the victim that prevents the victim from listening to warnings from his subconscious. In this way, the con artist prevents the victim from responding to his "hunches".

Think of your hunches as impressions from your subconscious, warning you about people and situations. When the con artist leaves he takes his aura with him, the victim loses contact with him and does not smarten up even though his natural feelings are telling him to.

The victim’s mind, in addition, is left with swirling thoughts of the false visual and auditory impressions it received from the con artist and is now shut tightly against all logic concerning the matter. His imagination builds up the crook as a demigod.

The con artist, to summarize, concealed his true opinion of the victim through a running commentary of words and an endless barrage of wit and clever flattery.

Aside from the darker aspects of this “art”, the con artist’s strategy requires an extraordinary amount of quick, natural wit. Any error on his part will cause the whole thing to be exposed, or at least arouse too much suspicion for the con artist to overcome. This strategy is hardly worth the risk involved.

The Proper Way to Ignore Fools

With the Magnetic Mind, you have nothing to fear from other people, and no need to conceal anything from them. If the other person is in a bad mood and dislikes you for whatever reason, even after you have tried to win them over, stop wasting your time.

An astounding number of people respond to the Magnetic Mind. Ignore the small amount that either can’t be or are too difficult to be influenced. But don’t waste your energy angering them so you have to avoid them in the future. Don’t waste your mental power regularly in situations like that.

If you are ever ignored after attempting to use the Magnetic Mind, when you see the person in the future ignore them as you would a piece of debris in the street.
Don’t drain yourself of mental vitality as you approach him and end up regretting the encounter for the rest of the day. These types of people are hopeless. They antagonize others and receive their negative thoughts in return. If you adopt a bitter attitude towards him, it will subconsciously creep into your dealings with others, and you will lose your magnetism with them.

The Magnetic Mind and Self-Consciousness

The Magnetic Mind destroys self-consciousness. You are self-conscious when you doubt your ability to please or control others. You are not self-conscious when you are alone with a pet that you don’t worry about pleasing.

When self-conscious, you not only waste your mind power in needless worry about your ability to please others, but you also can’t put your best foot forward with them. There are understanding people who can still like you if you are self-conscious once they know you well, but if you associate with them only now and then, they could misinterpret your self-consciousness and regard you as selfish and arrogant.

The Magnetic Mind and Nervousness

The Magnetic Mind will also bring you another important blessing. It relieves you of the tension of trying to give yourself courage, confidence, and other positive traits.

Adopting any new trait builds up tension, especially if it is based upon nothing specific. This is the reason so many people read self-help books, listen to self-help audio, and never achieve any real improvement. You cannot acquire confidence in being charming, for example, merely by assuming a confident manner.

Confidence is the end product of a mastered skill. Blind confidence is of little value because sooner or later you are jolted out of it by failure in performance. The same is true of courage and other positive mental attitudes. It is no different with negative mental traits like general lack of confidence or courage. These evolve from the failures that abound when you try to learn a new skill.

Never assume hastily that you cannot do something right just because you did it wrong before. But neither should you assume a “can do it” attitude about any skill unless you can do it right.

By Hamilton Miller - Author of Elite Social Control

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