Monday, July 6, 2020

Succeed by Developing Positive Attitudes

Positive thinking is an attitude to see the brighter side of an experience. A thirsty person
getting a glass half filled with water may feel that it is half empty. On the other hand a
positive response is feeling happy and grateful that it is half full. Positive people will not
be intimidated by obstacles, however big those are and will find ways of going around the
obstacle, like river when stopped by a hill, will go around it still keeping its goal towards
the lake/ocean. 

Positive people will not get discouraged by intimidations and obstacles, but continue
their task with renewed vigour and reach the objective. They will not get crushed by
humiliating insults, but rise above by conquering them and continue to do what is right
and succeed without getting into arguments. Positive thinking is an “energy booster” and
negative thinking is an “energy sink”.

Positive attitudes for success are :

• Self confidence & self esteem

• Confidence in the team and team members

• Trust & respect

• Caring nature

• Humility

• Willing to learning from failures, rather than getting disheartened

• Desire to serve, without selfishness

• Considering work as worship

• Desire to keep company with good positive people and avoiding negative people.

Look for the brighter side of each experience/circumstances and plan for success. 
Effective managers do a SWOT analysis and make strategic plans to make use the strengths, overcome weaknesses, make positive plans to use opportunities and convert threats to opportunities.
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