Saturday, August 5, 2017

Business Ethics Example

This video is on business ethics and how ethics impacts your career. It discusses an example of an unethical co-worker. This co-worker might leave work early, lie to co-workers, steal office supplies, act dishonestly. You notice that the co-worker acts unethically and benefits from it. You might ask yourself the question "My unethical co-worker is getting ahead. Should I do the same thing?" How you answer that question is important to your career. A helpful concept is "Ethical people attract other ethical people. 

Unethical people attract other unethical people." This can be seen through the example of a slacker refusing to hire someone with a high work ethic. You can apply this concept to help answer the question. Because when you answer the question, you are really determining the course of the rest of your career. You need to decide if you want to work in an ethical environment or an unethical environment. You have ownership over the choice. Your unethical co-worker is developing a reputation and ethical people won't want to work with them. 
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