Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Ultimate Power of Humanity is Knowledge.

Knowledge is the cornerstone for achieving Utopia. Knowledge permeates the other basic working principles and all of the Utopian elements. 

Knowledge in the hands of good people can stop evil in any of its forms.
Knowledge can lead to surplus food supplies and cure illnesses.
Knowledge can stop pollution and create faster and safer forms of transportation. 
Knowledge can find the means for human immortality. 

Knowledge can lead to unlimited production capability and therefore a top-of-the-line standard of living for all humans. 
All of Humanities problems can be solved by knowledge.

Humanity must continually support and encourage the pursuit of knowledge which can provide Humanity the technological ability to live a physically and emotionally safe and fulfilling life. 

The most daunting frontier Humanity faces is the frontier of ignorance which must continually be conquered through research and invention in all fields of science. 

The economic incentive of the reward of profits through patent protection of successful inventions is a currently viable system of encouragement. 

Yet only society as a whole through government is able to undertake and fund technologies where business would not or could not proceed, such as space exploration. 

Greater cooperation, coordination and effort must be undertaken by governments, educational institutions and the business community, to advance the pursuit of knowledge. 

Everyone should also strive individually to increase their knowledge and encourage their children to pursue the path of knowledge so that both the individual and society as a whole reap the rewards that knowledge can bestow. 

The pursuit of knowledge is one basic working principle that should never change, but once obtained, may change other basic working principles, and even Utopian elements.
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