Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Test Your Knowledge

1)Change the vowel, turn the word around and get the opposite of 'bottom'.- top
2)Change the vowel and get the word that means 'an animal that is kept in the house'. -     pet
3)Change a letter and get the name of an animal. – cat
4)Add two letters and get the word that completes the blank 'tooth ___'.Paste
5)Change the vowel and get a word meaning 'a helpful hint'. – Tip
6) Change the vowel and get a 'container'. – Pot
7)Change the vowel and get the verb that completes the idiom '_______ heads together'. – Put
8) ___ rained all day yesterday.- It
9)Brush your ___ after every meal. - teeth
10)A ___ year has 366 days. – Leap
11)It's our secret, so don't let the ___ out of the bag. – Cat
12)Close all the windows and turn ___ the lights before leaving the house. - off
13)It's too ___ in here. I can't see anything. Please turn on the lights. – dark
14)She really sounds ___ Mom when she talks like that! – Like
15)He got an A in math. He ___ be proud of himself.- must/should
16)I have been ___ for a cab for half an hour. Are the drivers on a strike? Waiting
17)Her twins ___ born last month.- were
18) ___ matter what he says, it won't help us.- no
19)My mother's mother is my ___.Grandmother/grandma
20)Even though I went to ___ late, I could not sleep.- bed
21) ___ are ten students in my class. How many in yours?-there
22) ___ you like some coffee? – would
23)There are _____ items in a "baker's dozen." -13
24)My brother's (or sister's) son is my _____ .- Nephew
25)A/An _____ is one of a pair of dice. - die
26)A/An _____ has only one wheel. – unicycle
27)A female chicken is called a/an _____ .Hen
28)Cards, gum, and cigarettes are sold in _____ .pack
29) An interjection is ___. a. an exclamation which shows thoughts or feelings
b. a meaningless string of sounds c. the same as an adjective
30)Which of the following interjections is NOT an expression of surprise or wonder?
a. Gee! b. Gosh! c. Boo!
31)You are vegetarian and you are offered a dish of raw meat. What do you think?
a. Ugh! b. Hurrah! c. Yippee!
32) Somebody has just stepped on your toe. Which interjection would best fit the situation? a. Yoo-hoo! b. Ouch! c. Eh!
33)You are most likely to hear or use the interjection boo ___.
a. at a theatrical performance b. while listening to a political speech
c. on both of the above mentioned occasions
34) ___, Mary! Come here! I want to talk to you.
a. Oops b. Mmm c. Hey
35) 'Ta' is synonymous of ___.
a. take it easy b. thank you c. tra-la-la
36)The interjections 'blimey' and 'crickey' imply ___.
a. joy b. surprise or wonder c. irritation

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