Friday, September 27, 2019

Did you know of these facts about the biggest search engine? - Google

  • The name of Google is derived from 'googol' which is a mathematical term for 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  • The original name for Google was 'Backrub' because of its analysis of the web's "back links."
  • One of the interesting ways of the company to adopt a 'low-carbon approach' is using goats to mow the lawn on their headquarters. A herd of 200 well-trained goats were got in the year 2009 to take out the grasslands.
  • To get in new employees into their office, the search engine uses a web tool called to recruit new people. Using search codes and what people looked for online, they decided if the user (employee) is up for a challenge.
  • While Google is known for making doodles on special days, the first-ever Google Doodle was for Burning Man Festival in Nevada. A Burning Man stick figure was an "a comical message to Google users that the founders were 'out of office.'"
  • Gmail which serves to millions across the internet was launched on April Fools' Day in 2004! Each April Fools' Day, Google makes, add some features to fool its users, but Gmail wasn't a prank but a service booming into the future.
  • The Google Image search was launched in the year 2001 with a whopping 250 million images on the day of its launch.
  • Google has a pet T-rex named Stan, in its California headquarters. It is a way of founders to remind the employees to not let Google go extinct.

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