Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Quotes about "Education" by Sri Sathya SaiBaba

Following are a few quotes from several speeches made by Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Education.

“Education must instill the fundamental human values and broaden the vision. Education must equip man to live happily without making others unhappy, to evaluate things, pleasure and possessions correctly and without prejudice and to fix one’s attention ever on the highest and the most precious achievement of all, the atmic victory (Divine victory, victory of the Soul)”.

“Education can yield peace and prosperity only when, along with technical skills and objective information, students are equipped with moral ideals, righteous living and spiritual insight. Education has to inspire youth to offer service, to sacrifice and to help”. 

“Humility is the hall-mark of true education. Arrogance, envy and ostentation should have no place in a properly educated person. The education should produce a blossoming of human qualities. It should not be merely for a living but should result in a ripening of the heart, filling it with love”.

“Raising the standard of living must also mean raising ethical, moral and spiritual standards. Then only can education lead to progress in human values and harmony in social life”.

“Education should promote culture. It is not by education alone but by culture that one gets refined. For a person to be deemed educated, his behavior should be good, his actions useful to society and his feelings should be compassionate and kind. One should have concern for the welfare of all beings. Education should make all virtues emerge and shine forth in students. Education without culture makes a man forget his true human nature and take to evil ways. Such education is like a counterfeit coin. Education without humility, action without discriminations, scholarship without wisdom, words without truth, friendship without gratitude, music without melody, politics without morality and integrity can never shine in society. One’s personality blossoms only when one has humility along with knowledge”.
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