Thursday, August 17, 2017


An analogy has been made that I find resonates. If you are - say a doctor, and you are sitting in a restaurant and the person at the table next to you begins to choke, what do you do?

Do you say, "I'd really like to help but the waiter just brought my food out and so I'm sorta busy right now"?

Do you say, "I will help, just let me finish my dinner first"?

Do you think to yourself, "I'm sure there must be another doctor in here somewhere and besides choking is not really my area of expertise and what if I get sued?" 

Do you spend those critical moments entertaining self-doubt? 

Do you wonder to yourself, "What if people think that I'm showing off or trying to draw attention to myself as some kind of a hero if I go and help this choking man? I don't want people to think that about me. I don't want to be embarrassed." Or, do you instantly rise up out of your comfortable chair and go to save the choking patient? 

When you're a physician, you're a physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may or many not be the best physician in the world, but you are the only physician in that restaurant. 

Those of you who are not choking but see that the world is choking, you know who you are. 

Your "restaurant" may be full of only a few dozen people or it may be filled with lots and lots of people, but you are the only physician in that restaurant. 

And so there is really only one thing you can do and that is to rise up and do what needs to be done. The world is choking on itself. It's choking right now. You - who can help - you know who you are. Rise up.

Eric Allen Bell

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