Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Memory Improvement And Your Eating Habits

New York Times best-selling author, Max Lugavere, sits down with Tom to discuss why he started researching brain health, the root cause of dementia, and how to support your brain through diet.

Why Max became a ‘citizen scientist’
Max’s Mom’s diagnosis

How Max became an expert in brain health, without a medical degree

Max’s theory about how diet & lifestyle play a role in dementia

The importance of scientific literacy

Why Alzheimer’s isn’t an old person’s disease

Genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s

Why insulin resistance leads to dementia

Does the amyloid plaque theory hold up?

The first physiological signs of dementia

Why Alzheimer’s is known as type 3 diabetes

How one night of bad sleep causes major problems

Why de-stressing is critical for health

The importance of cortisol

Why chronic stress changes your body shape

Can sauna use lower your risk for Alzheimer’s?

Can cool temperatures improve your insulin sensitivity?

Max’s advice for caregivers and family members

Why you should be eating a large fatty salad every day

Why you shouldn’t eat first thing in the morning

How to eat carbohydrates to your benefit

Where to find Max online

The one change you should make to improve your life

Shawn Stevenson on Health Theory:

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