Sunday, August 25, 2019

Top 13 Sales Techniques That Really Work

I'm going to show you my top 13 sales techniques that work.

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Top 13 Sales Techniques (That Work)

Number 1: the prospecting campaign. I feel like I've been talking about this a lot lately, but it is so insanely effective to be prospecting in a way. That's not just picking up the phone and making cold calls not just sending emails and not just doing LinkedIn outreaches or not just doing direct mail, but instead bringing all of those together in one cohesive strategy that allows the prospect to start to know who you are.

Number 2: cold email. I am obsessed with the effectiveness of cold email. How often do you answer the phone from a number that you don't know? Probably almost never unless you're just really in sales and you're only Fielding sales calls, but if you're a prospect cold email is such an effective way to get in front of high-level decision makers because these people are connected to their phones all the time.

Number 3: introductions. Network and even their prospects for introductions to other people that might be a fit asking the people in your world who like you or have a positive disposition towards you for introductions to other people that you might be able to help.

Number 4: personalized outreach. One of the ways to stand out from your competitors is to show your prospects that you've done your homework that you know, who they are, you know their background, you know, where they're located, and their industry.

Number 5: disqualification. What you want to be doing is disqualifying prospects as early on as you possibly can.

Number 6: talking about the budget with prospects. And by the way, this is a big difference from talking about price; your price is your price.

Number 7: decision-making process one of the critical pieces of critiques. Add some of our recent data show that prospects had for salespeople was that salespeople did not understand the decision-making process in their companies when a salesperson doesn't understand the prospects decision-making process. We start to make these assumptions, and we begin to make a lot of mistakes around expectations that we had one way or the other.

Number 8: feedback. You need to make sure that you're still on the same page with the prospect and so a feedback loop is just a little question that you're going to use to ask them after maybe you've had to explain something to make sure that you're on the same page.
Number 9: constant feedback. Presentation is everything, and it's using a presentation that has a ton of feedback loops in it.

Number 10: case study presentation. Prospects want proof. They want evidence that buying from you is going to do something positive for them.

Number 11: clear and scheduled next steps. I've been talking about this a lot. But what I find is that still, too few salespeople are planning consistent, clear next steps. You've got to have clear and scheduled next steps in every selling interaction.

Number 12: LinkedIn connections are such a great way to both build your network. But also a great way to start to build relationships with those key people that you want to be in touch with now you can't just make a LinkedIn connection to just any random person. I mean you can, but that's unlikely to work.

Number 13: hosted events. We do tons of hosted events for prospects for clients. And what hosted events accomplished is the following. It's a great way to bring people together by providing them value getting in front of your prospects. And at the same time, you have your clients who are there talking about how great you are and all the stuff you've done and how you've done such an excellent job for them.

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