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How to Use Psychic Seduction to Make Them Want You

When you use psychic seduction on others, your thought will originate within their mind. It is because your mind and their mind are one Mind. They will be thinking the thoughts of interest, desire and attraction that you project towards them, and they will think it was their idea. 

Therefore sometimes when you find yourself noticing someone and thinking thoughts of interest or attraction for no apparent reason, it may not actually be originally your idea but are thoughts directed from that person to you.

The alpha state is the key state for psychic seduction. When you are in this state, the effect will be the most pronounced on the mind of the person you are influencing. Your thoughts will be able to get to them with greater clarity and force. The alpha state is where your consciousness is in vibrational resonance with the planet’s frequency, therefore your thoughts will have greater ability to materialize. Visualization works best in the dreamlike state because it is the link between the physical and mental world.

Being in theta state is more powerful but most people are unable to achieve a conscious theta state. The theta state is the point just before you fall asleep, the instant before. You can remember starting to fall asleep as you are in very deep alpha, just approaching theta. But the actual moment of theta is the moment of amnesia. You almost never recall the exact point where you fell asleep. The conscious theta state occurs also when you become conscious in a dream. You can influence in that state.

The difference between mind power in the two states is that, if you were visualizing your fingers touching someone in an erotic way while you were in an alpha state, the person would feel a slight tingling or warm erotic sensation followed by thoughts of you. It is subtle but it works. 

If you were in a conscious theta state, the person would actually feel the touch as if your actual physical hand was actually touching them in person. That is how real it would feel for them! This is the power of altered mind states.

The Magic Power of Mental Touching
The most important aspect of psychic seduction is mental touching. Use your mental sense of touch to erotically caress them with your hand. Even if you lose the entire image of the person, it is alright. Just concentrate on the area of their body that you are touching. 

It is this magic touch that will drive them into a frenzy and eventually draw them to you. You create in your mind what you are doing to them and what they are experiencing. Let your fingers and hands explore the different areas of their body.

No other mental ability can compare with touch and there is no way the person can avoid it. If you only do it for five minutes, you can create effects that will last hours. The person will begin to feel warmth, tingling, hardness, wetness and a turned on feeling. 

The longer you use this magic touch, the excitement that will build up in the person will be hard to resist and they will have a strong attraction towards you, even if they don’t know who you are. They can’t fight the feelings as it is coming from within them.

The most important thing is the feeling of touch as if you were really touching them. This is where 99.9% of your focus should go. Feel it in the now! You can explore the person’s body in so many ways. If you’re a man, you can feel your hand caressing a woman’s ears with one hand and caressing her clitoris with the other. Woman can get the man they are wanting into great passion by imagining the touch of their own hand stimulating his penis. You can mentally caress the person for as long as you desire. 

Visualizing reactions is the second part of the magic touch. If you are mentally touching someone in the genital area, visualize looking up and seeing their reaction. Of course you control what happens. Watch and make their body quiver under your touch. 

Visualize them in the way you want to see them reacting to your touch all the while still feeling the caressing as if it was happening. Hear them moan to your touch. They will be in a completely different mind set the next them you see or talk to them.

Make sure that the person becomes very aroused by your touch in your mind, and especially make sure that they crave you and want you to do more and more! Do your visualizing and mental touching slowly instead of rapidly and it will be more erotic for them. Remember that you are doing the stuff to them but they are getting horny by it in your mind. You’re not trying to get off on this, or your heart will start to beat faster and you will come out of alpha state. Channel your sexual energy into your visualizing.

The effect of psychic seduction is instantaneous when you use it. First the physical sensation hits them without any awareness. Then they become aware they are getting a little turned on. Then thoughts of you come into their mind. They may be aware of these thoughts and will consciously feel attracted to you, or these thoughts are a little deeper as their subconscious mind is making more of the connection. The latter isn’t inferior because it is better to establish a deep foundation within the person’s psyche.

Often you get a little turned on but don’t think about anybody specifically. You subconscious mind has sexual connections with certain people and then when you see those people in daily life, you will become more aware of your attraction towards them. As this increases, the times when you get a little aroused, the thoughts of the person will come to you. The subconscious mind of the person you influence will seek you out only and will not think that these arousal feelings are coming from another.

When you do psychic seduction with the person in your actual physical presence, you simply imagine the sensation of touch. You do not even have to look directly at the person you are influencing. If the person is near you, just feel your hand go up their dress or down their pants in a gentle erotic manner. In your mind, do the same finger caresses and erotic touching. You could be having a normal conversation with a person and be mentally feeling with 100% touch on whatever part of their body you desire.

The Mental Caress
As you mentally caress someone, especially in the genital area, you will some of the following signs such as them touching the area you are influencing, worried or puzzled expressions, shifting position, crossing or uncrossing their legs, touching hair, arranging clothing, laughing and any moment that seems to be a reaction or cover-up from your influence. When you are doing this to a person on the phone, you might hear breathe changes, shifting noises, change in voice, changing topics and flirting.

The less you do flirty type of actions or conversations while you are using psychic seduction, the more they will feel drawn to you on their own, since they think you are not influencing or stimulating them with flirting. Make your conversations fun and comfortable and take an interest in them without an sign of direct flirting. They would feel that no outside force is influencing them but it is their own accord. Never ever let them in on your secret as their walls would be too strong to break unless you’re a master.

The person would become more talkative as in more friendly. Rejection will also decrease after a couple of weeks if they have ever considered you’re not their type. Near the end, the person will probably feel dreamy and affectionate towards you. Their attitude towards you is always changing. Just because you do not see a lot of noticeable difference doesn’t mean what you are doing is ineffective. Every person is different and has their own time. Just keep up with it and you will get the person sooner or later!

Psychic seduction will influence others even though they do not seem to act on it. You’ve been in a public place and had the idea that someone was very attractive to you, you felt drawn to them, but that didn’t make you go for them. Maybe you had to go, maybe you weren’t ready to approach them, maybe they were passing by in a car. You still felt drawn to them and it was your own idea but you didn’t approach them. When you use psychic seduction, others might feel attracted but yet don’t seem to respond.

If they are a stranger that you see often, you could be totally influencing them for weeks and they still might not have the guts to come and talk to you, even though they feel extremely drawn to you. But there are some signs you will notice to show that the influence is taking effect, so that you can initiate a connection with them. Don’t show any sign of attraction to them, let the feelings keep developing within them and let them come to you. It will happen on its own as you continue the psychic influence.

People will always feel turned on by you or attracted to you with psychic seduction but they may resist it for many reasons. Perhaps they are married. Perhaps you were not normally their type and are now confused as to why they find you attractive. Perhaps they have religious conditioning and will probably suppress that they want to make love to you. If they are resisting, they may show fear, withdrawal or begin to reject you. All it means is that it will take longer for your influence to work and succeed.

You can apply more intense and longer visualizing until the person’s resistance breaks down. You can cease influencing for a few days and then start again with more force. The may feel the pressure is off and begin to let down their defenses, but then you catch them unaware and they get overwhelmed with the effect. A person may go away but it will still affect them. If you keep up with it during the time they are away, they will begin to miss you like crazy and the next time they see you, sparks will fly!

Don’t hope for your desire but live them and experience them as if they were happening. You obtain your desire by feeling as if you already have what you want. The feelings that you are mentally influencing upon another will last forever. They will feel attracted to you in the same way you can be attracted to someone for decades. People lose energy when they try to wrestle with your influence. Sooner or later, their subconscious mind will give up if you keep up the work, and they will become yours!

By Enoch Tan, 
Creator of Secrets of Mind and Reality 

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