Tuesday, May 19, 2020


We are in the Vysya Era or the Era of Commercial Civilization. It was predicted in the Vedic time that the predominant power of the world in the ‘Kaliyuga’ will be commercial and so will be its outlook. The virtues of the business class shall be esteemed over that of the warrior class and the saint. Prudence and profits shall be the adornment of manhood; not piety or physical prowess.  What is the place of Dharma? It should be noted that without Dharma or Ethics, even the petty traffic of merchant’s counting house is doomed to fail.

In today’s world ethical conduct has become all the more important. It is the absence of ethical behavior which is ultimately the cause of so many illness of the world. It is unethical behavior in the widest sense that has caused several of the world’s crisis. Ethical behavior alone can sustain and hold aloft the great physical and morale order which makes the world fit for humanity to live. 

Experience shows that many believe to live in conformity with Dharma  or Ethics in our commercial era has become very difficult . This is because on does not know where to draw the line.


In the modern times commercial ventures both in private and public sectors, are playing a very important role in the wealth generating activities. It is a very heavy responsibility based on hundred percent TRUST.

Adam Smith who is considered the apostle of capitalism and the market system, is the father of modern economics. However, his role is much more significant. His work as a Moral Philosopher was earlier ignored. Now the world has awoken to the fact that his whole work had the purpose of insuring a better life for large number of people.

Body politics of the State plays an important influence in upholding the role of the Commercial Dharma or Ethics. The role of the State has to be more than rituals in ensuring that commercial houses adhere to Dharma or Ethics in all their transactions. Mere enacting of  laws is not sufficient here. If the State is indifferent by the time the law takes its own course, enough damages would have been done by cunning commercial entrepreneurs. 

A casual look of the way our rulers have conducted themselves from the day of Independence, would show that observing elements of Dharma or Ethics has been least priority.

Ethics was grained in the Indian psyche. It got corroded to a great extend in the latter years of civilization and in a fast mode after India got independence and departure of freedom fighters from the main political arena.

In self-interest and interest of sound economic growth and social progress, each individual who forms part of the society must start to introspect with the inner mind and bring self-control to temptations of biting the forbidden fruit.

Adapted from Pof.N.S. Ramaswamy’s writing
Source : AVB

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