Saturday, October 23, 2021

Deadly Game - Nature’s Greatest Escapes

For some creatures just getting from A to B can be dangerous, they have to use their wits and instinct to guide them. Luckily sometimes that’s enough, and when those emergency responses kick in it can lead to some of nature’s greatest escapes…

It’s a dangerous world and some animals seek sanctuary in burrows, others climb high to get out of harm’s way. Camouflaged species sometimes lie still, hoping to escape detection and others rely on speed.

Many animals have special adaptions to help them, like acute senses or powerful limbs to hop or run from danger. And for animals with fewer skills there is always the option to having helpful neighbours – giraffes for example. With their 6 metre height they are like a watch tower, and when one spots danger it sounds the alarm and facilitates another great escape.
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