Friday, October 22, 2021

4 Ways to cheer your mood up if you live alone

Getting back to a dimly lit house, with locked doors and deafening silence can be frightening, or at least saddening. Making yourself a cup of chai or coffee, grabbing your favourite spot on the sofa and scrolling through the phone or just killing time watching TV, is what most of us do, if we live away from our homes that too alone.

While this may sound relaxing and rejuvenating to some, it is only those who have been living this life for a while would understand how it actually feels. Though you don’t have to share your bed with anyone, or not worry about fighting for the blanket, or even hiding the remote control to keep watching your favourite show, it still feels bad.

However, it is not as bad as it seems to be. While nothing can replace the feeling of having our loved ones by our side, here are 4 ways that will help you cheer your mood if you have been living alone, and away from your homes for whatever reason.

Decorate your heart out

Often, we end up living a simple life, because who wants to put in too much effort in what we call a temporary home? But this is the worst thing to do. Your surroundings affect you a lot. Hence, it is imperative that you decorate your home in a manner that you will look forward to getting back home every single day. Flowers, paintings, mirrors, candles or coloured walls, just make your home a reflection of your heart. This way, you will feel lively and comfortable. But don’t overdo it. Make sure to leave ample space around.

Good lighting for a better mood

While some prefer darkness, if you are living alone, try to brighten up your home with lights. If you are a morning person, let sunlight or the natural light enter your home. This will bring in positivity and warmth to make you feel at home.

Play light music before going to bed

We often prefer to fall asleep while scrolling through our mobile phones or indulging in deep thoughts, however this will only make us sad. So, try to listen to light music before you go to bed. Remember, we said music and not sad Bollywood songs. Good music will help boost your mood, and will kill the feeling of loneliness that must have been bothering you.

Get yourself a comfy chair or sofa

Spending some time on our favourite chair and drinking a relaxing cup of coffee is like a dream. Get yourself the furniture of your choice, and place it in your favourite spot of the house, preferably near a window, so that you can get a glimpse of the outside world, too. This will make you feel relaxed, happy and satisfied. Enjoy nature, and don’t indulge in sad thoughts. 

 Musba Hashmi, Pinkvilla


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