10 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep!!! - Passive income Ideas!!!

Here are 10 ways to make money while you sleep and create a passive income.

The first option is the option I always tell people when I make a passive income video. Youtube, Websites, and Blogs can be very profitable. For example, I will likely make $2500-$3000 in YOUTUBE AD REVENUE Money (Google Adsense) alone! Keep in mind, I have a fairly small channel, yet am making the same amount of money as most full-time workers. Just imagine if you made a channel thats bigger than mine!

Another option is Dividend Stocks. This is a good way to develop a passive income if you have $100 000+ to invest. Investing that money in 4% dividend stocks will give you $4000/year, or $300/month. Plus the stock will usually appreciate by the same amount!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the main sources of income for anyone who makes money online. Picking up 4-40% commissions from sites like Amazon and clickbank can be a very lucrative form of passive income!

Membership Sites and Courses are usually THE MAIN source of online income for any social media influencer that makes them. I've seen many people make millions of dollars this way. 

Online Content and Royalties regarding stock photos, music, art, and videos are ways for any artist to monetize their passion and potentially get rich doing it!

Amazon FBA and Drop-Shipping require a lot of time and effort upfront, however the process of selling stuff online can get fairly automated once you set up your infrastructure.

People make 20 page Ebooks and Kindle Books every single day and sell them online. Sell each one for $2-$5 and then sell one hundred a day!

Make an App and put on on the Mac App store, Android, etc. Apps are easier to make than you think and can pay dividends for YEARS. Either charge the user an upfront fee to download it OR give it away for free and charge in-app purchases.

The Old school ways of passive income had 2 key features. Laundry Machines and Vending Machines. Do they still work today? You Bet!

Lastly, 2 Ways to make a passive income that are not for everyone are Peer-Peer lending and Rental Real Estate. Lending can be risky, and real estate requires a lot of capital and is a semi-active investment.
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