Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The 6 things I wish I knew when I was younger...

These are the 6 things I wish I had known when I was a lot younger
1. I’d be less concerned about what other people thought of me. Trying to be cool, trying to fit in, trying to always say the right thing, or wear the right clothes…none of it ever mattered. No one cared. Everything was in my imagination because I was too self conscious to believe that I could just be myself without trying to fit in. Everyone is too focused on themselves to give any attention to you. So go ahead and just be you…if anything, people just respect that more. Very few people out there can truly be themselves, it takes a lot of inner confidence and security to know that you can be yourself. So go ahead, just be you and it’ll turn out better than you ever expected.

2. The next thing I’d tell myself is not to compare myself with others. On one hand you could look up to someone super successful and admire them, and use that as motivation and inspiration to push yourself further. On the other hand, comparing yourself to someone who has more money, is better looking, has more than you, is further ahead than you, and feeling jealous or that it’s “unfair” because of that…is a waste of mental energy. We’re all different, travel different paths, and it’s impossible to compare yourself with someone else. Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey. And it’s the journey that makes it beautiful, not the finish line.
4. The next thing, and the biggest thing, is that i’d like to remind myself that no one knows what they’re actually doing. Everyone is just as lost as each other but will rarely ever admit it. I’m still trying to figure things out, i really have no idea what I’m doing half the time, I still doubt what I’m doing is working or good enough, and I think that’s totally normal. It doesn’t make you weird, it doesn’t make you bad, it just means you’re like every other person who’s living life. We’re all just as clueless and winging it.

3. There’s more than just someone’s image, too. You have no idea what people are secretly going through. The successful-looking guy could be absolutely empty inside. Or the non-assuming dude in the beat up Honda could be the happiest, more secretly baller player ever - your interpretation of these things isn’t always correct, so best to always go into it knowing that what you see is just what you see - it’s surface level.
5. Finally, you never regret taking action - you only regret what you didn’t do. So go and do those things, you won’t regret it. 6. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. I’m a worrier. It’s a waste of energy. Spend your time doing this to proactively improve your life, not playing mental defense.
Understanding this really helps put it in perspective. Thanks so much for watching!

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