Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Creating Own Visions and Achieving them

 Creating Vision for the Future

There was a young man belonging to a rich family. He finished his studies and started thinking –“What shall I do now that I have finished my education?” 
After long deliberations he planned to continue his family business. After sometime he started wondering - “Why should I continue to do the same business that my father did? I have to do some other work.”
He went to Swami Vivekananda and asked help from him and said – “Swamiji! Please guide me how should I utilize my learning? Should I go for a job or continue my family business? Swamiji said “go and search for a job somewhere based on your studies but don’t tell about you to others.” 
He replied to the Swamiji –“I thought you will teach something spiritual to me, but you are asking me go for some job.” Swamiji said,“If you earn a very small salary and struggle to make both ends meet, then only you will know the value of money. 
Your suffering will make you able to do anything for the society.” 
When I was studying in my school, my class teacher made a dotted mark on the white board in blue color and asked the students, “What do you observe here?” Each person gave a different answer. One said he noticed a dot, another replied, “blue round dot.” And so on. Nobody looked at the problem from overall angle of a big black board being there.
We must understand what Dr. Abdul Kalam said, “Each person’s vision is different. A good leader understands this and takes them along.” 
For youngsters eye vision is 180 degrees and mind vision is above 360 degrees. 
Satya Nadella, who took over as CEO of Microsoft has said – “My belief is not in the institution. It is in the people who are part of the organisation.” Let us realize that it is the people who make organisations succeed. 
Many of you would have heard the following story. 
Two persons met each other. One is a business man and the other his old school teacher.
The business man said “I am giving jobs for 1000 people who all earn well.” 
And the teacher laughed and replied,“I create persons like you, for the society to prosper. I am happy with my salary.” 
Dr Abdul Kalam loved teaching, which is what he loved to do most in his life.Till his last breath he continued to work as a teacher.
To create competent human beings for the society was his vision. He was clear that one’s vision has to start from somewhere and spread out. In this process, we can learn from others and teach others. This is how he would address the students. Five lakh students were his inspiration. Let us take his Vision forward by creating highly competent young India, inspiring all youth to create -own visions and achieve them. 
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