Thursday, July 6, 2017

Learning Won't Create Growth

Today, I’m going to talk about a topic that is really important to anyone in Network Marketing and that is learning and growth, but even more important is taking that learning and turning it into action. 

People involved in Network Marketing are passionately devoted to learning and growth, like no other organization on earth. We devour personal development content. We buy books, we read, we listen to podcasts and watch videos. We are constantly learning, and we’re constantly feeding our minds. But the message for this week is this: get out of your head and into action. 

Personal development without action becomes useless. There are some people who just keep getting more and more educated, but they haven’t taken that talent, knowledge, and wisdom into the world. It’s all trapped in their head. If all they want to do is keep learning, that’s fine. But learning is not going to create an income; action is going to create an income. Learning is not going to grow network; action is going to grow a network. Learning is not going to create duplication; action is what’s going to create duplication. 

This doesn’t mean that learning isn’t important. It is. But learning is just the first part. We learn; we practice. We learn; we take action. We learn; we move. The real learning in Network Marketing is in the doing. You can study and read all of the manuals, but it’s only when you actually do the presentation or have a team that you figure out how you really do it.

So, don’t get trapped in the personal development, thinking that you’re making progress. You are developing yourself, but if you don’t eventually take action on the learning, it becomes lost, wasted, and an exercise in futility. You will become the most educated, undervalued person around. You will have all the answers but none of the income. 

I know because that was me when I was young and starting out in Network Marketing. I had the knowledge, but I really didn’t develop the skill. So, I had to get out of my head and get into action. And you do too.
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