Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Test Your Knowledge - 6

1)      What do we call three vowel sounds in a single word as in ‘beautiful’? Trip thongs
2)      Which English word for ‘a cleaning fluid’, is derived from the Latin word that means ‘to wipe off ‘? Detergent
3)      Give one word for one who has longer experience in any occupation? Veteran
4)      What starts running when you have cold, your legs or your nose?
5)      What is a group of bullets called ? Volley
6)      “As you sow, so you shall reap” What is this sentence called in English? Proverb
7)      Give one word for an act of seeking? Quest / Ask
8)      What is the possessive form of the pronoun ”who”? Whose
9)      Tooth: Dentist Hair: Barber/Hairdresser
10)  Pure: Purify Short: Shorten
11)  Loose: Tight Deep: Shallow
12)  Wise: Wisdom Rough: Roughness
13)  Big: Bigger Bad: Worse
14)  Polite: Impolite Responsible: Irresponsible
15)  Soccer: Field Basketball: Court
16)  Help: Helper Sail: Sailor
17)  Give: Given Swell: Swollen
18)  Actor: Actress Widower: Widow
19)  Dog: Bites Bee: Stings
20)  Feet: Socks Hands: Gloves
21)  Cats: Meow Cows: Moo
22)  Doctors: Patients Teachers: Students/Pupils
23)  Roof: Roofs Wolf: Wolves
24)  Careful: Carefully Fast: Fast
25)  Circle: Round Triangle: Triangular
26)  Cat: Kitten Pig: Piglet
27)  Hyena: Mammal Crocodile: Reptile
28)  Sheep: Mutton Pig: Pork
29)  Cow: Calf Cat: Kitten
30)  Xing: Crossing Xmas : Christmas
31)  Meat: Protein Cake: Carbohydrate
32)  Fish: A school of   Hens: A brood of
33)  Chicory: Bitter Chocolate: Sweet
34)  Deprive: Of  Attentive: To
35)  Hens: Eggs Cow: Milk
36)  Oven: Kitchen  End table: Living room
37)  Elbow: Arm Knee: Leg
38)  Pure: Purify Soft: Soften
39)  Decide: Decision Depart: Departure
40)  Datum: Data Phenomenon: Phenomena
41)  Suitcases: Few Luggage: little
42)  Dime: Ten cents Nickel: Five cents
43)  Addition: Plus Subtraction: Minus
44)  Wise: Wisely Hard: Hard
45)  Form: Fill out Tank: Fill up
46)  365 days: Year 366 days: Leap year
47)  Soap: Bar of Cigarettes: Pack/packet of

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