Monday, November 19, 2018

What Makes The Billionaire Mindset.

How do billionaires think? Are their brains different than other peoples?
Success isn't magic, it's cause and effect. There are actions people have taken in their life that have had profound impacts that made them successful. Success doesn't happen by chance, it happens by taking specific actions. What causes somebody to take an action? Their thinking! It's their analysis, rationalizing, decision making, tradeoffs, problem solving, etc. What part of a human is responsible for these functions? The mind! Success derives from the mind: Mind - Thinking - Action - Success. Your mind is the boot loader for everything, it's the most important thing to understand and improve if you want to perform better in life. Because of this, I've had a fascination with successful peoples minds. I wanted to study them, how they think, and how their brains function, so that I could assemble one for myself. In today's video I show you what billionaires minds look like, how they work and how to assemble one of them for yourself starting today! This is one video you seriously don't want to miss! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments? Here's the link to the full video: HERE'S WHAT WE COVER: 1. Why do two people receive the same information and get different results? 2. Why I've been obsessed with understanding how billionaires think. 3. Why the human mind is more important than the information, but everybody ignores it. 4. The "5 Layers" of the billionaire mind: Mental awareness, Mental cognition, Business principles, Business disciplines and Business processes. 5. Why most entrepreneurs fail because they try to install high level components (tactics) on faulty base level operating systems (their brain). 6. Why most people focus on "single skills" and end up failing in life and business. 7. Why billionaires are "full stack" and understand multiple business disciplines on top of a solid foundation of mental awareness and principles. 8. How to reprogram your brain so that you can become full stack (practical action steps). Here's the link to the full blog post: To Your Success! Sam Ovens & the team at C'mon over to where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode and provide the full mp3 as well as the transcript AND FREE TOOLS!  If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and get the world’s best consulting, mindset and business advice delivered straight to your inbox at   And if you’re interested in more videos on consulting, business and mindset, check out our YouTube playlist on those exact topics here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:

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