Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How to Deal With the Subtraction Called Distraction

‘Subtraction is distraction.’ Ben Sinclair
My son sent me a text the other day – as he knows how much I love the use of rhyme in many of my writings.

Here are just a few of my originals: How To Once & For All Detonate Procrastinate, The Fate Of Imitate, How To Turn Your Bitterness Into Betterness, Cleanliness Is Next To Wealthiness, Self Analysis Combats Self Paralysis, and there will always be more…

So the one he sent through to me was ‘subtraction is distraction’. The reason he came up with this was that he was having trouble on this particular day maintaining focus, and was finding himself easily distracted.

I’m grateful for that distraction, because he provided me sufficient fodder to feed you with yet another life changing and life-challenging article.

1. Subtraction is Distraction
To be distracted is to be pulled off course. It is to be pushed from your purpose. It can culminate in the blurring of focus. It can be the dulling of your dream.
But all in all, distraction will halt your progress forward, and if you let it overtake your life you could find yourself in no-man’s land.
This is the place where dreams are buried, visions vanish, passions are pierced, and ways are lost.

The only true lifesaver in this sea of stagnation is focus itself.
To help with the maintenance of focus I have personally found that there is one system that has sustained me in both performance and production like no other system has.

I call it my 6-Point Consistent Productivity System.
i. I take a blank sheet of paper at the end of each business day and I write the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 down the left hand side of that page.
ii. I then write next to them the six tasks that will move my life, my business or my career forward.
iii. I then prioritize that list of 6 from the most important to the least important.
iv. I then do the list and complete one task fully before moving on to the next by applying concentrated effort.
v. Once completed I strike it off my list.
vi. If at the end of the day any tasks are incomplete I simply transfer it to a fresh list in preparation for the following day.
This effectively subtracts distraction’s power over my life.

2. Addition Is Attraction
I have learnt how to become a magnet.
The first thing I do is to make certain that I speak only good and prosperous words.
I guard my mouth with an intensity that desires nothing but a good life. I am familiar with the law called the law of sowing and reaping, and having my own vegetable garden, this firmly entrenches that understanding in my mind.

When you plant a bean seed you get a bean plant. A lettuces seed will produce a lettuce plant. A tomato seed will produce a tomato plant.
So if you plant good words you will get a good life. Prosperous words will create a prosperous life. Healthy words will lead to a healthy life.
The more I give, the more I receive. Like begets like.

I talk good things, expect good things, anticipate good results, see the good in others, and I become one who attracts good opportunities and possibilities.
These are all added to me effortlessly as I make it my daily habit to add goodness to the lives of others.

3. Multiplication Is Satisfaction
Growth is a natural state. Exponential growth is more acceptable.
Why be satisfied with addition when multiplication can be initiated in your life? It has a lot to do with expectation. What do you expect?
Do you expect to struggle, or do you expect to conquer?
Do you expect to lose, or do you expect to win?
Do you expect good returns for effort expended, or great returns?
Do you have a small vision, or do you have a mind-expanding vision?
Are you willing to fail more than others, or are you going to quit after only one failure?
Do you have a ‘learning’ mindset, or a ‘quitting’ mindset?
Do you delegate to a team who can support you in your multiplied efforts?
Do you apply the multiplication principle where ‘One will set a thousand to flight, whilst two will set ten thousand to flight’?
Are you a lone ranger or a team player?
Therein lie the satisfaction and the multiplication.

4. Division Is Benefaction
When it comes to the meaning of benefaction we are told that it means among other things, ‘the act of doing good, help given, contribution of assistance, and the act of conferring.’
Many, when facing the enormity of the vision for their life or a particular project go weak at the knees. They are overwhelmed and engulfed by fear. They are robbed of the opportunity of seeing their dreams come to pass.

But as someone once told me – that the answer to the question, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ is simply, ‘One bite at a time.’

By dividing a large goal or project into bite size chunks, on a daily basis, a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, or on a 90-day basis, you will find yourself empowered to achieve the BIG – little by little by little by little – all the way to success – so that you can truly be the recipient of the benefaction bestowed upon you.

To daily use subtraction, addition, multiplication and division in your life it will equate to a beautiful after-math – your calculated life revealed.
So what distraction are you going to destroy in your life this week?

Peter G. James Sinclair 

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